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  • The Crime Report

    The Crime Report

    The nation's only online criminal justice news service--All crime, all the time.

  • Noah Brick

    Noah Brick

  • Tristan Boyle

    Tristan Boyle

    Co-founder of @ArchPodNet | Modern Myth | #Archaeologist #podcast tristan@archaeologypodcastnetwork.com

  • Fiona Romeo

    Fiona Romeo

    Museum curious. Now Wikimedia Foundation, previously Wellcome Collection, The Museum of Modern Art, Royal Museums Greenwich, Science Museum, etc. Views my own.

  • Sascha Priewe

    Sascha Priewe

    Managing Director of @ROMAncient, @ROM_WorldArt and @ROMTextiles. @ROMToronto. All views are my own etc.

  • Andrew Hazlett

    Andrew Hazlett

    Writer embedded with insurgent do-gooders in Baltimore | @GoucherCNFMFA @hackbmore @impacthubbalt | former @NEHgov

  • Ethan Watrall

    Ethan Watrall

    Asst Prof, @MSUAnthropology. Assoc Dir, @matrix_msu. cultural heritage informatics & digital archaeology. Predynastic Egypt. Comic & game nerd. Proud Canadian.

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